Sunday, March 9, 2014

KGXL ...It's Extra Large

It's new, it's here, it's XL, yup it's 40 years old but 40 is the new "brand new" I turned 60 this year, Apple computer turned 40, the Beatles had their 50th anniversary of their appearance on Ed Sullivan.
This year's KG is EXTRA LARGE; at least in an existential sense (and the Roman Numeral sense).
We were hoping everyone had joined the FB generation by now but with all that scary NSA paranoia, I am not surprised by their reticence. So here is a place that you can get info online if you refuse to get a Facebook account.

The number 40 is used in Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and other Middle Eastern traditions to represent a large, approximate number, similar to “umpteen".  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Umpteenth Pacific Rim Kindred Gathering, wherein you are welcome to commence to sing, play, dance, cavort, teach, learn and otherwise enjoy yourselves and others in a tradition of friendliness and even-tempered diatonics, chromatics and knee-slappin’ frivolity.  Come and consume great food and home-brewed beer at the very least. And talent, did i say talent?  All kinds of talent, you included!

August 15, 16, 17    -2014 

Checkout is at 1:00 pm on Monday so you must be in your car driving out at that time to make room for the next guests 

Be ready
15501 N Highway 1 Caspar, CA 95420
707-964-4630 (SITE contact)
707-237-1348 (Cindy KG info)

Farmhouse & cabins
$40.00 adults
$33.00 student
$15.00 child
$20.00 adult
$18.00 student
$10.00 Child

Okay here's the site's site:
So it's about five miles south of Fort Bragg CA or just about the same distance from the town of Mendocino.
It's uber-quaint and green. We are really banking on an El NiƱo year to save us from this draught, but the coast is always cooler and wetter.
Cindy is in charge of reservations for the house and the surrounding cabins, camping and whatnot.  Already many people have been posting to our Facebook page which is:  Facebook KG40

These 2 maps are not scaled and it behooves you to plan your route. The coast highway and this northern route are beautiful in the daytime but not well-lit at night.

If you drive into the ocean, you’ve gone too far…again!

The site is Jughandle Creek Farmhouse on the EAST (land) side, NOT Jughandle State Reserve on the ocean side.

We start Friday night with dinner, jamming, visiting and settling in.

Check in time can be as early as 3:00 PM. on Friday and check out is at 1:00 PM. on Monday. Think ahead  so there’s time to help clean-up.

If you slide in late at night we will leave notes in the kitchen entrance ‘round back of the farmhouse.

On Saturday morning at 10:00 we will have a viewing of Hearts of the Dulcimer.

There are nature hikes and trails and the quaint little coastal towns of Mendocino and Fort Bragg just a few miles South and North respectively.

The climate is Coastal Mediterranean. So think “layers” of clothing. Bring flashlights and whatever sleeping paraphernalia you think may keep you warm.

Of course we will be taking donations to keep this wonderful tradition afloat for years to come.

Bring an easy disposition and embrace the weirdness that is central to the creative and open spirit of KG.

Regulars will know you are on your own food-wise for breakfast and lunch.  You can use the kitchen in the farmhouse if you play nice with others!

Bring food to share on Friday evening a communal soup-n-salad bar.

There will be a Barbecue grill available on Saturday evening with potato bar and possibly a Pizza oven. So bring something to slap on the grill and a little something on the side.
The cooking and clean-up is always a community affair.


Bring TAB, music, and your instruments of course and be ready to share your ideas on playing, singing, writing, and building.

We will have the usual Saturday night concert and another idea has been floated to have a “lunch on the back porch” concert to open up the floor, and like 2013, we will be extending the festivities to Sunday night.

But of course it’s KG so we can keep it loose and plan on-the-fly!
OK folks let me know if you think this is a fabulous T-Shirt design and if you want me to put it up,on cafe press or a similar site so you can have shirts custom made or coffee cups, buttons etc.